Not a bad start. Most of my mornings begin with a hot lemon which aids detox, but that is not really the reason why I started drinking it. I use it for the vitamin C to take it with my iron supplement, but look at some of the plus points to start your day with a hot lemon:
Aids Digestion, Cleanses Your System / is a Diuretic, Boosts Your Immune System, Clears Skin, Hydrates Your Lymph System …

And to round it off and rub it in, I have already been for a jog with our daughter (she goes on her little bike).
5 minutes, 0 distance, average speed 0 
10 minutes, 0 distance, average speed 0 
15 minutes …….. AAAAHHHHH!
Why do these GPS gadgets never work for me or is it the area we live in?
20 minutes, 1.1 km, average speed – a snail just went past you .

I am not doing this for speed or any numbers and never have done. For me it is simply about moving but if a gadget laughs about you then you really have reached bottom line.
I had to check with Map my Run online again to see what I have done and it looks like about 3.36 km. Endomondo does not work for me. Now I have tried Run Keeper but what is the point if they do not measure your distance until you are almost back in front of the door?
One number I NEVER pay attention to is the calorie counter. It’s like reading your horoscope in a magazine.

Off for a shower now. What will you do today for a healthier YOU?

Later update:

WOO HOO! 25 minutes of yoga detox done. I am on a roll. Let’s see what else I can find later .
Please keep in mind that I do these things for fun and wellbeing and NOT for weight loss. If weight loss is your goal then look for workouts that are short, sharp and to the pain – point. I meant to say point .
Do intervals for 15 or 20 minutes taking your breath away and lift weights. Not the pink type we use in our yoga class with weights but proper weights to build muscle. Don’t use the excuse of not wanting to look like Hulk because it is not going to happen. Stop using it as an excuse. WOW! Back to yoga instructor mode. Have fun and keep it moving. Your body will thank you for it.


Green Belt

WOO HOO! Green belt. This plant is growing . It is a major relief because I thought I messed it up to much. I guess the things I got right outweighed the moments where I froze. I moved on to denial now in my head and those moments never happened . Ignore the embarrassment, focus on the positive and moving on. Next grading is not far and I only get Wednesdays to train.
YES, Jade passed as well . I am so proud of her because she did well. I was worried that she would struggle as the grading is much longer then what we are use to, but she seem to really enjoy it. Now she is after a trophy but I told her that she needs to work hard, so go for it.
Thank you very much to Mrs and Mr Wanklyn for the awesome White Tiger jumpers received as a x-mas present and congratulations to everybody that passed their gradings and received trophys.
Merry x-mas and a happy New Year to White Tiger TKD and Self Defence from Jade and Mel! See you 2014.


Not Yoga


This reminds me again how yoga is portrait in the media today. As mentioned so many times before in the past, my first ever yoga teacher was not that physically involved in practicing yoga yet she was the best teacher I have ever had. Arm balances? I don’t think she ever attempted it NOR was it required even throughout her long journey of becoming a yoga teacher. There was no need for it. Splits? No. What for?
I get asked if I am very acrobatic and flexible because I do yoga and offer simplified yoga classes. No, I am not and it is NOT required either. If you look into the history of yoga then you will see that the extreme physical/ acrobatic side has not been around for that long yet everybody thinks that THIS is yoga.
I am not surprised that traditionalists look at any of those classes, sites, yoga teacher training … and just consider them as gymnastic classes. I don’t offer traditional yoga and make it quite clear, but I think more instructors need to point it out for their classes as well. Not everything that is shiny is gold, not everything that is called yoga is actually Yoga in the more traditional sense. NOTHING wrong with that, but then it should be made clear.
For me personally somebody that is extremely flexible and acrobatic on the mat does not automatically equate to a good yoga teacher. They are good for the postures/ asanas, but that is it.
Just be clear about it what it is that you want before joining a class. You find many classes with instructors that cover the postures to firm your butt, some breathing and relaxation/ meditation, but if you want to go deeper then you will have to look much harder. I am still looking myself.

Detox January



The January – February term will focus on DETOX from some serious indulgence .

Where:       Wheatpieces Community Centre Tewkesbury
When:        Wednesdays starting 08.01.14 – 12.02.14
Time:         09.30 – 10.30
Level:         Beginners and (some) experience
Location:  Big Hall

Please contact me to sign up for class. thank you!

A SIMPLIFIED APPROACH TO YOGA making it accessible to the rest of us. Yoga Fusions with focus on the physical practice of yoga postures as a form of exercise. Non-traditional & non-acrobatic approach inspired by Yoga & Fitness. Not strictly yoga, not strictly fitness. A middle of both worlds for those individuals that don’t like either extremes.

To each their OWN journey,
may you travel YOURS well.

Taekwondo Green Belt Grading #2 #Taekwondo #WhiteTiger #GreenBelt


The 5 tenets of Taekwondo are:

Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control and Indomitable spirit. After last nights grading I would also like to add Embarrassment :-).

It is done! Grading with White Tiger TKD and Self Defence and I wanted a big hole to open up and swallow me whole. I am glad I was not asked for my name as that would have been the icing on the cake (forgot it in a previous grading). Lost it! There were some moves I just did not know what was required. The previous club demonstrated everything but not here. Previous grading was about 10-15 minutes, here about one hour.
How do I feel about the whole experience? I might looked like an idiot at times and passing is might be out of the question for this time, but I feel hyper now. So much more work to do in the grading, but now that it is done it feels good. I need three months break to recover, but I also know what to expect now and will have more practice with this club for the next grading. Well done to everybody that graded last night. Fingers crossed that you all made it. Heck, I think I was the only one that went blank, but that is me all over. Comfort zone I am back . A little rest is in order.
Well done to my little daughter who did (in my eyes) very well. Needed to look at her for some of the stuff, but do need to keep in mind that she has been training with this club two months longer than me and she does twice a week. If she does not get her belt then I don’t know what she is suppose to do.


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Taekwondo Green Belt grading


Opposite emotions in the Roberts household. Jade is absolutely hyped starting our green belt grading with White Tiger TKD and Self Defence in one hour, while I am panicking. I am being pushed out of my comfort zone again yet I will not let it beat me. So what if I can’t remember my name, at least I showed up. So what if I face the wrong direction, at least I showed up. So what if… What have you done lately to push yourself out of your comfort zone?
See you on the other side .

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Moments of doubt #Yoga #inflexible # Flexibility

blog935Yoga teachers have to be flexible and acrobatic Yes or No?

Looking into the subject seeing if other instructors ponder about the same questions and oh behold, there are a lot.

A friend back in Germany worked as a aqua aerobics instructor and at one point was also taking an olympic team through their paces. It confused me as she was not a good swimmer. She told me:” I don’t have to be a good swimmer, I have to be a good instructor.” It is that mentality that brought me back to the mat as an instructor because my own inflexibility, aches, non acrobatic style … does not mean I can not teach.

Some entries that I have found on various pages:

Size or flexibility have nothing to do with yoga, IMO. The best teachers rarely come from dance or gymnastics backgrounds. The best teachers practice and teach mindfully within their own personal physical limitations. Experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and the desire to serve others are the top qualities of a good teacher. 
Yoga has got nothing to do with touching your toes. 
Yes, it is incredible what some people can do with THEIR bodies, but it does not mean it is for every – body. We need to stop thinking that we can’t do yoga because we are not flexible enough. It does not matter. Your practice will evolve from whatever YOU will bring to the table (or mat in this case). You might be the next discovery for cirque du soleil or you might never be able to touch your toes. It does NOT make you a bad yogi, it makes you an individual working with your limitations.
How did the saying go? It does not matter if you can touch your toes, all that matters is what happens on the way.
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Yoga Fusions – January – February Term #Yoga #Fusions #Ladies #Dare #Dumbbells #Asana #Tewkesbury


Yoga Fusions – January – February Term

Wheatpieces Community Centre:
>>>>> Sorry, this class is full<<<<<
When: Mondays starting 06.01.14 – 10.02.14
Time: 19.00 – 20.00
Level: Beginners and (some) experience
Location: Small Meeting Room. 6 ladies max. for this class

When: Wednesdays starting 08.01.14 – 12.02.14
Time: 09.30 – 10.30
Level: Beginners and (some) experience
Location: Big Hall

Yoga Fusions+
>>>>> Sorry, this class is full<<<<<
When: Fridays starting 10.01.14 – 14.02.14
Time: 09.30 – 10.30
Level: “Faster” paced + small dumbbells
Location: Small meeting Room. 6 ladies max. for this class

Please contact me for more details, sign up for classes … or check out my website. Thank you!

See you on the mat!